Selina ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Solutions Chapter 6 Chemical Reactions

Q1. (a) Define a chemical reaction.(b) What happens during a chemical reaction?(c) What do you understand by a chemical bond?Answer:(a) A chemical reaction is any alteration of matter that entails the creation of one or more compounds having wholly distinct characteristics.b) Chemical bonds between atoms or molecules are broken during chemical reaction clusters of atoms […]

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Selina ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Solutions Chapter 2 Physical and Chemical Changes

EXERCISE Q1. Define: (a) a physical change, (b) a chemical change. Give two examples for the above changes.Answer:(a) A physical change is a temporary alteration in which the original substance’s does not change and its physical characteristics, such as colour, condition, shape, and size, may change. Example: Boiling of water, Melting of ice.(b) A chemical […]

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