Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Geography Set A

Sample Papers

Students can refer to the following Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Geography Set A with Answers provided below based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued for ICSE Geography. All specimen papers have been prepared covering all chapters given in ICSE Geography book for Class 10. You should also refer to ICSE Class 10 Geography Solutions.

Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Geography Set A with Answers

Subject: Geography Time: 2 hr
Class: X (A-H) Marks: 80

Answer to this paper must be written on the paper separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
All the questions are compulsory

1. Give two advantages that non-convention energy have over conventional energy sources. [2]
2. Mention one advantages of the use of natural gas over coal or petroleum. [2]
3. Name the mineral that toughens steel and makes it rust proof. [2]
4. Give two advantages of using biogas as a source of power. [2]
5. Why is petroleum often referred to as” liquid gold”?

Question 2
1. Which state is the largest producer of mineral oil? Name any two oil refineries in India. [2]
2. Name the oldest and the largest coalfield in India. [2]
3. Name the different types of iron ore found in India. Which is the best quality iron ore found in India? [2]
4. Name the leading producer of Manganese in India. Name two important industrial uses of manganese. [2]
5. Name the largest deposits of minerals, which are found in Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh.

Question 3.
1. Mention any two problems of agriculture in India. [2]
2. State two geographical requirements for the growth of wheat in India. [2]
3. What is the importance of agriculture in India? Mention two factors. [2]
4. Give geographical reason why tea is grown on hill slopes. [2]
5. With reference to rice cultivation in India. Name the two leading states in the production of rice. Give two advantages of growing rice in nurseries.

Question 4.
1. Name any two large sugar-producing states, one each in north and south India. [2]
2. Name an agro-based industry based in the industrial centre of Ahmedabad. [2]
3. It is necessary to crush sugar cane within 24 hours of harvesting. Explain [2]
4. Give a geographical reason why cotton grows widely in Maharashtra. [2]
5. Differentiate between a Rabi crop and a Kharif Crop.

Question 5.
1. Give the geographical term for each of the following: [2]
a. Cultivation of sugarcane from the root stock of the cane, which has been cut.
b. The residue left behind after crushing of oilseeds.
2. Mention two differences in the geographical conditions and cultivation of rice and wheat. [2]
3. The yield per hectare of sugarcane is higher in southern States. Why? [2]
4. With reference to the cultivation of tea, why tea bushes have to be pruned at regular interval. [2]
5. Ratoon cropping is gaining popularity among sugarcane cultivators. Why?

Question 6.
1. Name and define two important by products of the sugar industry. [2]
2. Mention any two problems of sugar industry in India. [2]
3. Mention any two problems faced by the cotton textile industry in India. [2]
4. With reference to the cotton textile industry, give reason why Mumbai is an important cotton textile industry. [2]
5. Differentiate between Mineral based industry and Agro based industry giving one example each.

Question 7.
1. The iron and steel industry constitutes the backbone of modern industrial economy. Give two reasons to justify the statement. [2]
2. Name an Iron and Steel industry set up in Odisha with the help of a famous German firm. And from where does the industry named gets its iron ore and Manganese. [2]
3. Name a ship-building yard on the east coast and a centre for making electric locomotives. [2]
4. Name one integrated iron and steel plant in the private sector. Where does it obtain its iron and coal from? [2]
5. Name a manufacturing centre for Diesel locomotives.

Question 8.
1. Name two raw material used in petrochemical industry and state two advantages of petrochemical products. [2]
2. Give reason why Mini steel plant cause less pollution than integrated steel plant. [2]
3. Name a city most famous for electronics and hence called “The electronic capital of India”. [2]
4. Though Uttar Pradesh has the largest number of sugar mills, yet Maharashtra is the largest producer of sugar. Give reasons to justify the statement. [2]
5. Name two products of the petroleum industry.