All Summer in a Day Summary ICSE Class 10 English

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ICSE Class 10 English All Summer in a Day Summary

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All Summer in a Day ICSE Class 10 English

About the Author

Ray Bradbury (22 August 1920 – 5 June 2012), was an American science fiction writer who works were translated in more than 40 languages. His works created a world of new technical and intellectual ideas. He is best known for his dystopian novel ‘Fahrenheit 451’ (1953) and short story collections ‘The Martian Chronicles’, and ‘The Illustrated Man’. ‘All Summer in a Day’ a short story, was first published in 1954 in the magazine of fantasy and science fiction.


The concept of the story ‘All Summer in a Day’, is built on Venus – a planet where it rains continuously, all the time. The people live in underground tunnels to escape the cold hard rain. The story begins with school children crowding around a window in their classroom, waiting for the heavy rain to stop and for a rare occurrence i.e., the sun, to come out for an hour after seven years of non-stop rain, as per prediction. They had seen the sun only when they were two years old.
Margot is a nine year old girl whose family moved from Earth to Venus when she was four. Only she remembers the warmth of the sun and how beautiful the sunshine can be. She explains to other children that sun is round like a penny and hot like fire but they consider her a liar, despise her and mock at her. She has been in a state of depression ever since she arrived on Venus and her parents were planning to take her back on Earth.
As Margot stands alone waiting for the rain to subside and the long awaited sun to appear, the other children plan a terrible trick on her. They forcefully carry her to the closet and lock her inside. Wickedly pleased with themselves, they return and move along with the teacher to experience the event they were waiting for.
When the Venus rain finally stops and sun comes out, a bronze flame spreads throughout the forests of Venus. The children exit the tunnels and run around excitedly. But soon the rain clouds move in. The sun hides and heavy showers replace it. All the children reflect on the wonderful experience they had with the sun and then re-enter the tunnels. Suddenly, one of the children remembers that they had locked Margot inside the closet. Slowly she is taken out, but its too late for her, she will have to wait yet another seven years to see the sun which she had been so earnestly waiting for.

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All Summer in a Day Summary ICSE Class 10 English
All Summer in a Day Summary ICSE