Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Summary and Question Answers

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Act 2 Scene 4 Summary Merchant of Venice

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Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Summary


The unfolding of the elopement plan occurs in this scene. Lorenzo and his friends are talking about the dinner and entertainment. He tells his friends that he has arranged for a torchbearer. When the friends depart, only Gratiano is left. He tells Gratiano about his plans of elopement and marriage with Jessica and needs his help, which is promised by Gratiano.

In this scene Jessica is shown as a woman of action. Lorenzo is a carefree and careless young man and remorselessly is eloping with a Jew’s daughter along with Jew’s money and Jewels.

Launcelot here is in the role of a messenger who delivers Jessica’s letter to Lorenzo and thus helps in the development of the sub-plot.

In a nutshell, in this scene suspense is maintained. Difference between Jessica and Portia is heightened, and the romantic background is created with the mention of a masque.


1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

I must needs tell thee all. She hath directed how I shall take her from her father’s house. What gold and Jewels she is furnished with. The page’s suit she hath in readiness. If ever the Jew her father comes to heaven, It will be for his gentle daughter’s sake. And never dare misfortune cross her foot, unless she do it under this excuse, that she is issue to a faithless Jew. Come, go with me, and peruse this as thou goest. Fair Jessica shall be my torch bearer.

Ques. What information has Jessica given to Lorenzo regarding her elopement?
Ans. Jessica has informed Lorenzo that she has planned to leave her father’s house with all the jewels and money that is in the house. She is ready to elope with him in the disguise of a page boy. Her page boy dress, she has in readiness.

Ques. According to Lorenzo, how could the Jew go to heaven?
Ans. According to Lorenzo, if the Jew went to heaven it would only be because of his daughter Jessica who was gentle and fair.

Ques. How can you conclude that Lorenzo has a high opinion of Jessica?
Ans. Lorenzo praises Jessica heartily. He has a high opinion of her virtues. According to him, she is gentle, fair and a great planner. His expressions convey the message that he has a high opinion of Jessica.

Ques. According to Lorenzo, how can misfortune come to Jessica?
Ans. According to Lorenzo, misfortune can only come to Jessica because of her being a faithless Jew’s daughter. Otherwise as far as Jessica’s personality is concerned there is no question of any misfortune befalling her.

Ques. Give an example of racial discrimination hinted at in the extract.
Ans. There was an atmosphere of hatred and dislike between the Jews and Christians. In the extract, Lorenzo’s words are the proof and whenever Shylock speaks, his words show his hatred for the Christians. Lorenzo says that Jessica can suffer misfortune only because she is a faithless Jew’s daughter. Shylock has called Antonio ‘Fawning Publican’. Racial discrimination is clearly hinted not only in this scene but all over the play.

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Summary