Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Set G

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Students can refer to the following Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Set G with Answers provided below based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued for ICSE Computer Applications. All specimen papers have been prepared covering all chapters given in ICSE Computer Applications book for Class 10. You should also refer to ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Solutions.

Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Set G with Answers

Subject: Computer Applications

The first fifteen minutes are to spent on reading the paper.
The time mentioned above is the time to write the paper.
This paper consists of 5 pages. The paper is divided in two sections.
Answer all questions from section A and any 4 from section B.
Section A is of 40 marks and Section B is of 60 Marks.
Marks of questions are given in brackets ( ).

SECTION – A (40 Marks)
Attempt all questions.

Question 1
Answer the following questions:
a. Name any two OOP’s principles. (2)
b. Name two types of constructor. (2)
c. Give two differences between switch statement and if-else statements. (2)
d. What is literal? (2)
e. Write Java expression of √2as + U2 (2)

Question 2
Answer the following questions:
a. State the difference between entry controlled loop and exit controlled loop. (2)
b. Explain the meaning of break and continue statement. (2)
c. Differentiate between islowercase ( ) and touppercase ( ) method. (2)
d. Name any two access specifier. (2)
e. Define endswith ( ) and startwith ( ). (2)

Answer the following questions:
a. State two difference between String and String Buffer Objects. (2)
b. What is an exception? (2)
c. What are library classes? Give an example. (2)
d. Write a function to check whether a token of scanner class is a text or not. (2)
e. Write the purpose of function Boolean has NextBoolean( ). (2)

Question 4
Answer the following questions:
a. What are relational operators? Give example. (2)
b. What is a method substring ( ) used for. (2)
c. What are the advantage of using function in a program. (2)
d. Mention the levels of scope and visibility offered by Java. (2)
e. Give functions of keywords using with main ( ) method. (2)

SECTION – B (60 Marks)
Attempt any 4 questions from this section.

Question 5
Using switch statement, write a menu driven program for following: (15)
a. To find and display the sum of the series given below:
S = x1 + x2 + x3 – x4 + x5 ………………..- x20 (where is x = 2)
b. To display the following series:
1  11  111   1111   11111

Question 6
Write a program to create an array to store 10 integers and print the largest integer and the smallest integer in that array.(15)

Question 7
Write a program to accept a string: (15)
Convert the string to uppercase.
Count and output the number of double letter sequences that exist in the string.
Sample Output : 4

Question 8
a. Write a program to input any string and print the same in reverse order. (7)
b. Write a program using string function to input any word and print the same in alphabetical order.(8)

Question 9
Write a program to accept a world and convert it into lowercase if it is in uppercase,
and display the new word by replacing only the vowels with the character following it. (15)
Sample Input : computer
Sample Output : cpmpvtfr

Question 10
Design a class to overload a function series ( ) as follows: (15)
a. double series (double n) with one double argument and returns the sum of the series.

sample paper icse class 10 computer applications set g