A Wizard of Earthsea Chapter Summary Class 8 English

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ICSE Class 8 English A Wizard of Earthsea Summary

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A Wizard of Earthsea ICSE Class 8 English

A Wizard Of Earthsea (Summary)

The story ‘A Wizard Of Earthsea’ has a “coming of age” based storyline. Here we get to see a wild and proud young boy who makes a terrible mistake. Eventually, he faces something very powerful that he is not capable enough to deal with. Later on in the story we get to see that after he becomes older, he tries to fix his mistakes that he has done in the past.

Summary of A Wizard of EarthSea

In the very first part, we see that the wild boy is born. After he grows up, he learns magic from his witchy aunt. He doesn’t seem to like his father’s work. When the raiders attack his town, he uses his magic to protect his town.

By the mage Ogion, the boy is taken in as an apprentice because he has successfully dealt with the raiders. Here, he has been given the name, Ged. Ogion tries to teach him how to balance powers and some magic. However, Ged almost summons a shadow monster as he wants power. He is being stopped by Ogion and sent to school.

The school where Ged goes is on Roke. There, Ged meets a friend, Vetch and Jasper, a rival. Ged is very proud of himself. To shut Jasper up, he tries to summon a dead spirit but succeds in summoning a shadow monster. Things didn’t go according to the plan. Ged was saved by the Archmage of Roke but he died after destroying the shadow.

Vetch makes Ged feel better. Ged gets a job of watching dragons in a small town after graduation. Ged becomes less annoying and fat headed after the shadow incident.

Guns run into that shadow when he tries to save a friend’s child. He realizes that he is in danger. He can put everyone in danger so he fights with the dragons first. Then he goes to fight with the shadow monster.

The dragons are being defeated by Ged. Eventually, he finds a way to deal with the shadow monster. Someone had told him about a magic sword. He goes to find that. As Ged is deceived, he gets an evil magic stone instead of a good sword. He deals with that and escapes after turning himself into a falcon.

Ogion helps Ged to return back to his human form after he flies back to Ogion. Ged has been advised by Ogion to start being a hunter rather than being hunted.

After that, Ged starts to chase the shadow monster. The shadow becomes scared at this attitude of Ged. Ged gets part of a broken ring on an island where he is momentarily a castaway. Furthermore, Ged sails to the island where Vetch lives. Then both of them goes to hunt for the shadow monster.

Moreover, the shadow has been cornered and absorbed by Ged because it is really a shadow. It’s easy for him to get absorbed. Then they both sail home as Ged has fixed his mistake and deeply understand himself now.

A Wizard of Earthsea Chapter Summary Class 8 English