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The Open Window (Summary)

‘The Open Window’ is written by Saki Plot. The main protagonist is Frampton who moves to a new town. His sister lives with him and helps him to calm his nerves. His sister makes an appointment with one of her acquaintances, Mrs Sappleton. He encounters Vera once he reaches Mrs Sappleton’s house. She tells him a reason about why she points out an open window. Frampton comes to know from her that her two brothers and her aunt’s husband got killed in a tragic  incident.

Mrs Sappleton believes that they will return so she insists on keeping the window open. Mrs Sappleton comes and tells Frampton that she is waiting for her husband. Frampton becomes horrified when he sees three men coming towards him in hunting gear. Thus he flees from that place.

Summary of The Open Window

Frampton Nuttel is not a very social man and he arrives at a new town. His sister has set him up with her acquaintances for him to socialize well.

When he arrives at Mrs Sappleton’s house, his sister’s acquaintance, he meets Vera. She is the niece of Mrs Sappleton. She greets him and Frampton comes to know quite a few things about the Sappletons.

Frampton admits to Vera that his social skills are poor. Then, she tells him about the open window story. She tells him that there was a big tragic incident which took place in Mrs Sappleton’s life.

The tragedy took place about three years ago and it was a great tragedy. Vera points our at the open window. The window is a French one and is still open in the freezy weather. Moreover, she starts telling Frampton about the whole tragic story.

Vera’s two brothers and Mrs Sappleton’s husband went out hunting through that window. They never returned as the earth swallowed them up. Her aunt waits for them to return so she keeps the window open. She is in utter grief over their death.

She describes in the very same way in which they left.  Mrs Sappleton’s husband wore a white coat. Then Mrs Sappleton comes to greet Frampton. She feels sad for being late and hopes that in the meantime, Vera amuses him.

Frampton becomes shocked when Mrs Sappleton talks about the open window. She tells him that her husband and brothers are returning so the window has been kept open.

Frampton looks to  Vera as she is still fixated on their death. Mrs Sappleton waits for them to return.

Frampton becomes more shocked when he sees three men coming back from hunting. Frampton believes that they are ghosts when they come. He becomes terrified and runs away from there.

For this, Vera also has a story of her own. Mrs Sappleton is confused at Frampton’s reaction. She tells that Frampton has phobia of dogs so he is scared.

We get to see that Vera is very good at spinning tales. The situation is being utilized by her and without any hesitation she is quick to whip tales back.

the open window summary

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