Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 English Language Set D

Sample Papers

Students can refer to the following Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 English Language set D with Answers provided below based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued for ICSE English Language. All specimen papers have been prepared covering all chapters given in ICSE English Language book for Class 10. You should also refer to ICSE Class 10 English Language Solutions.

Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 English Language set D with Answers


Std: 10 Max. Marks: 80
Date: 10.12.2018 No. of Questions: 05
Duration: 2 hours No. of Printed sides: 05

[Answers to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately.] You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the answers. Attempt all five questions. You are advised to spend not more than 30 minutes in answering Question 1 and 20 minutes in answering Question 2. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

Question 1 [20]
(Do not spend more than 30 minutes on this question.)
Write a composition (300 – 350 words) on any one of the following:

(a) Write an original story entitled: ‘Power of Love’
(b) Peer pressure is healthy for individual growth.
Express your views either for or against this statement.
(c) The last bell has rung at school.
Describe the scene at your school. Give details of the familiar sights, sounds and what you and your friends do after school every day.
(d) Imagine you have won a lottery worth a huge amount. Narrate the changes that took place in your life and how life took a turn for the better/worse and how you felt personally.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take suggestions from it, however, there must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.

Question 2 [10]
(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question)
Select one of the following:

(a) You have read a book / seen a movie / heard a song recently and you just cannot forget it. You find yourself deeply influenced by it. Write to a friend about it. Tell her / him the theme and why you liked it and what was different about it.

(b) The President of your country has announced a sponsored one year study program at a reputed university in urope for 100 deserving students. Write a letter to the President convincing him why you should be given the chance to take part in this program.

Question 3 [10]
(a) You are the Sports Captain of your School, the School has organised a marathon on the coming Republic Day to raise funds for cancer patients. Draft a notice to be put up in your school, requesting the senior students to take part in this marathon actively.

(b) Write an email to the principal of a nearby school, giving details about the marathon and request him/her to put up the notice in the school to create awareness among the students and to encourage the senior students to take
part in it.

Question 4
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
It was three o’clock in the afternoon before the planes came. The snow had all been gone by noon and rocks were hot now in the sun. There were no clouds in the sky and Robert Jordan sat on the rocks with his shirt off, browning his back in the sun and reading the letters that had been in the pockets of the dead cavalryman. From time to time he would stop reading to look across the open slope to the line on the timber, look over the high country above and then return to the letters. No more cavalry had appeared. At intervals there would be the sound of a shot from the direction of El
Sordo’s camp. But the firing was desultory.

From examining his military papers he knew the boy was from Tafalla in Navarra, twenty-one years old, unmarried, and the son of a blacksmith. His regiment was the Nth cavalry, which surprised Robert Jordan, for he had believed that regiment to be in the North. He was a Carlist, and he had been wounded at the fighting for Irun at the start of the war.

The first letters he read were very formal, very carefully written and dealt almost entirely with local happenings. They were from his sister and Robert Jordan learned that every thing was all right in Tafalla, that father was well, that mother was the same as always but with certain complaints about her back, that she hoped he was well and not in too great danger and she was happy he was doing away with the reds to liberate Spain from the domination of the Marxist hordes. Then there was a list of those boys from Tafalla who had been killed or badly wounded since she wrote last. She mentioned ten who were killed. That is a great many for a town the size of Tafalla, Robert Jordan thought.

There was quite a lot of religion in the letter and she prayed to Saint Anthony, to thee Blessed Virgin of Pilar, and to other Virgins to protect him and she wanted him never to forget that he was also protected by the Sacred Heart of Jesus that he wore still, she trusted, at all times over his own heart where it had been proven innumerable times to
have the power of stopping bullets. She was as always his loving sister Concha.

This letter was a little stained around the edges and Robert Jordan out it carefully back with the military papers and opened a letter with a less severe handwriting. It was from the boy’s novici his fiancée, and it was quietly, formally, and completely hysterical with concern for his safety. Robert Jordan read it through and then put all the letters together with the papers into his hip pocket. He did not want to read the other letters.

“What are those you were reading?” Primitivo asked him.
“The documentation and the letters of that requite we shot this morning. Do you want to see it?” “I can’t read,” Primitivo said. “Was there anything interesting?”

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Heminway

(a) Give the meaning of each of the following words as used in the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted. [3]
(i) desultory
(ii) domination
(iii) hysterical

(b) Answer the following questions briefly, in your words.
(i) Where was Robert Jordon? What was he doing? [2]
(ii) What information did Robert Jordon get about the dead cavalry man, from his military documents?
(iii) Robert Jordan read two letters belonging to the cavalry man. Who had written the two letters to him? [1]
(iv) What did his sister never want him to forget? [2]
(v) In what way was the novici’s letter different from the sister’s? What impact did it have on Robert Jordan? [2]
(vi) In not more than 50 words summarise what the sister had written to the brother to keep him connected to the family and the town. [8]

Question 5
(a) Fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in brackets.

Do not copy the passage but write in correct serial order the word or phrase. [4]

Example: (0) gathered
On a Sunday morning animal lovers and their pets 0___ (gather) in Bengaluru for a Pet-a-thon, which _1___ (be) held as a preevent to the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon. This event _2_(see) large number of animal lovers and their pets in attendance. A number of stalls ___3__ (sell) adorable ties and other accessories that the furry four-legged __4_ (can) don in style. There __5___ (be) also veterinarians 6__ (provide) free health check-ups and nutritionists __7__ (advice) the participants on the best diet to cater to the needs of their animals. One of the participants, Anju Shetty, who had got her five year old Labrador Retriever, Banjo along, said, “ It ___8 (be) so good to see so many different breeds of dogs having a great time walking around and socialising that too without any serious skirmishes.”

(b) Fill in each blank with an appropriate word: [4]
(i) We were able to start the project once she told us how to cut ____the red tape. (ii) The old lady has great affection ________ her grand children.
(iii) The police prohibited us ____ going near the rough waters.
(iv) The vegetables were cooked ______ perfection.
(v) Don’t brood __ past failures.
(vi) The country is now ____ martial law.
(vii) The teacher told us to abstain _____ telling lies.
(viii) The principal has called _____ an explanation from the suspended students.

(c) Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so. [4]
(i) My friend is very honest. She will not cheat anyone or tell lies.
(ii) The teacher is unwell. She will not take class till the month end.
(iii) James is a visiting professor. He will take the class today.
(iv) The children are not allowed to bring mobile phones to class. The children are not allowed to bring calculators to class.

(d) Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each.
Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence.

(i) Mandy will learn the lesson in good time.
(Begin: The lesson . . . . . . . . . )
(ii) She accepted all our proposals.
(Rewrite using the verb form of ‘proposals’)
(iv) As soon as the result was declared there was a major pandemonium in the hall.
(Begin: No sooner . . . . . . .)
(v) A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
(Re-write using ‘good’)
(vi) He will never forget the experience.
(End . . . . . . . . experience?)
(vii) James said to me, “Lend me your car for a day, please.”
(Rewrite using Indirect Speech)
(viii) Medha is so cowardly that she will give in to his demands.
(Re-write using ‘too’)