Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Set A

Sample Papers

Students can refer to the following Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Set A with Answers provided below based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued for ICSE Physical Education. All specimen papers have been prepared covering all chapters given in ICSE Physical Education book for Class 10. You should also refer to ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Solutions.

Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Set A with Answers

Attempt all questions from this section A and two questions from Section-B.

Section – A (50 Marks)
(Attempt all questions from this section)

Q1. (a) Define Power. (2)
(b) What do you mean by Growth? (2)
(c) State any three objectives of sports training. (3)
(d) Enlist the six components of Physical Fitness. (3)

Q2. (a) Write the full form of PRICER. (2)
(b) What is flexibility? (2)
(c) Write any three reasons to stress the importance of physical fitness. (3)
(d) What are the preventive measures to avoid injuries in sports? (3)

Q3. (a) What is the role of emotional development of a child? (2)
(b) What is agility? (2)
(c) Write any three differences between growth and development. (3)
(d) Define sports Medicine. (3)

Q4. (a) Define Heredity. (2)
(b) Write any four objectives of Physical Education. (2)
(c) Mention the stages of childhood. (3)
(d) What do you mean y speed? (3)

Q5. (a) Enlist all the body types. (2)
(b) Define the term nutrition. (2)
(c) Explain the progression and overload as a principal of sports training. (3)
(d) What form of first aid can be given to a person suffering from a contusion injury? (3)

Section – B (50 Marks)
(Attempt two questions from this section)
You must attempt one question on each of the two games of your choice

Q6. (a) Explain the following terms in Cricket: (8)
(i) Bump ball
(ii) Dead ball
(iii) Batting order
(iv) A night watchman

(b) (i) Explain a ‘declaration’ in a test match. (9)
(ii) State the duties of the match referee.
(iii) Explain the term danger area.

(c) (i) Explain the terms boundary for four and boundary for six. (8)
(ii) Mention and four instances when the umpire call for a No ball.

Q7. (a) Briefly explain the following terms in cricket: (8)
(i) A tie match
(ii) A golden duck
(iii) A hook shot
(iv) A scorer

(b) (i) State any three conditions when runs are added to the team’s total score and not to the batsman’s total runs. (9)
(ii) Name the different types of matches played in cricket.
(iii) Mention three situations when a team’s innings is said to be completed.

(c) (i) What is meant by the term ‘Timed-out’? (8)
(ii) Name any two National tournaments in the game of Cricket.
(iii) Explain the term ‘run out’.
(iv) Name any two international tournaments in the game of cricket.


Q8. (a) Explain the following terms in football: (8)
(i) A chest trap
(ii) A nutmeg
(iii) Quarter circle
(iv) Wall Pass

(b) (i) Write down the rules related to kick from the penalty mark. (9)
(ii) Mention any three circumstances when time is lost or wasted during the course of play and that is added at the end of each playing session.
(iii) What is a ‘Techincal area’ in football? State the importance of technical area.

(c) Explain the following terms with measurements:(8)
(i) A touch line
(ii) A goal line
(iii) A goal area
(iv) A penalty area

Q9. (a) Briefly explain the following terms in football: (8)
(i) Added time
(ii) Attacker
(iii) Goal line technology
(iv) Man to man

(b) (i) State the three methods of restarting a game in football. (9)
(ii) Name any three national tournaments in football.
(iii) Explain the term Cross and Chip.

(c) (i) Explain the term ‘step over’ in football. (8)
(ii) Give the full form of AIFF.
(iii) What is meant by the term ‘advantage’ in football?
(iv) What are the basic skills of football?