Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Set B

Sample Papers

Students can refer to the following Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Set B with Answers provided below based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued for ICSE Physical Education. All specimen papers have been prepared covering all chapters given in ICSE Physical Education book for Class 10. You should also refer to ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Solutions.

Sample Paper ICSE Class 10 Physical Education Set B with Answers

Physical Education
Class – 10
Section – A

Attempt all questions from this section

Q1A.Write a short note on importance of resting between workouts.(5)

Q1B.What is Hip Bursitis and what are it’s causes?(5)

Q2A.How sports training builds strength and endurance. Explain.(5)

Q2B.Expalin the principle of overload.(5)

Q3A.What do you understand by Dynamic strength. Name it’s types also.(5)

Q3B.What is flexibility?(3)

Q3C.Define Strength.(2)

Q4A.Write down 5 characteristic of Mesomorphs.(5)

Q4B. Explain how physical education helps in emotional development.(5)

Q5A.How physical education is affected by Nutrition. Explain.(5)

Q5B.Explain Childhood.(5)

Section B ( 50 marks )
Attempt to question from this section.
You must attempt one question on each of the two games of your choice.


Question 1 (A) Explain the following. 8
I) Substitut
II) Declaration.
III) No ball.
IV) Follow on

(B) 1) Write any three strokes played by the batsman between the wicket keeper and leg umpire. 9
2) Write any three instances when a ball becomes dead.
3) What procedure will be followed by the umpire when the ball is unit for play?

(C) Give any one difference between 8
I) Hook and pul
II) Draw and tie
III) Bowling crease and popping crease.
IV) Run out and stumped

Question 2(A) Explain the following 8
I) Body line bowling.
II) Power play
III)China man
IV) Drive

(B)1) What is meant by obstructing the field? 9
2) What is meant by the term LBW?
3) Write any three duties of the umpire

(C)1) Write down any for offside fielding position in cricket 8

2 )What are the signal for the following
I)Short run.
II) Power play
III) Bye
IV) Free hit


Question 3(A) Draw a neat diagram of a basketball court and mark the following with their measurements. 8
II) end line
III) Centre circle
IV) Radius of three point field goal area
V) Length of Restricted area
VI) No charge semi circle

(B) I) State six items of equipment needed to conduct a basketball match
II) State any 3 duties of the coach 9
III)When is the ball considered to be dead

(C)Explain the following terms 8
I) Held ball
II) Double foul
III) Double dribble
IV) Lay up

Question 4(A)1) Write any two conditions when a team forfeits the right of play 8

2) Give the signals for the following
I) Jump ball
II) Charged time out
III) Technical foul
IV) Travelling
V) Double foul
VI) Double foul

(B) I) Stay any three violations when opponents gain the possession of the ball 9
II) what is a centre circle? what are its dimension? III)What is front pivot?

(C)Write down the following 8
I) 24 second rule
II) 8 second rule
III) 5 Second rule
IV) 3 second rule


Question 5(A)Define the following terms 8
I) Floater
II) Attack zone
III) Blocking

(B) Give duties of the following 9
I) Captain
II) First referee
III ) Line judges

(C) I) Mention four functions of libero. 8
II) Explain
1)Legal substitution
2) Players equipment

Question 6 (A) State the following 8
I) Height of net for men and women
II) Weight and circumference of the ball
III) Height and diameter of the antenna
IV) Number of substitution and time out in a set

(B) I) Name three national tournaments 9
II) Mention any six skills
III) State any three service faults

(C)Draw a neat diagram of volleyball court with all its measurements. 8


Question 7 (A) answer the following 8
I) A free kick
II) Heading
III) Passing
IV) Weight and circumference of football

(B) I) Explain the term off side. 9
II) Give the proper procedure to replace a field player with a substitute player.
III)Mention any three instances for which a direct free kick is awarded

(C) Draw a diagram of a football field with all its measurements. 8

Question 8 (A) Explain the following terms. 8
I) Kick off
II) Drop Ball
III)Injury time
IV)Extra time

(B) I) List any three offences for which a red card is shown to a player. 9
II) Name three places from where the ball is passed to an offside player
III)What is the procedure of resuming the fame from a corner kick?

(C) Define the following terms 8
I)Send off
II) Through pass
III) Free kick
IV) Goal scored