Selina ICSE Class 9 Biology Solutions Chapter 18 Health Organisations

Selina ICSE Solutions

Q) Multiple Choice Questions:-

1) Red Cross Day is celebrated on
a) May 8
b) June 23
c) September 17
d) November 21
Ans.: (a) May 8

2) WHO headquarters are located in
a) Paris
b) Berlin
c) Geneva
d) New York
Ans.: (c) Geneva

Q) Match the activities in Column I with the respective organisation in Column II (there can be one or more than one activity).

Selina ICSE Class 9 Biology Solutions Chapter 18 Health Organisations


Selina ICSE Class 9 Biology Solutions Chapter 18 Health Organisations

Q) Very Short Answer Type:-

Question 1) What do the following abbreviations stand for?
a) WHO
b) UNO
Solution: Below are the abbreviations:-
WHO: World Health Organisation
UNO: United Nations Organisation

Question 2) Where are the headquarters of WHO located?
The headquarters of WHO is located in Geneva.

Q) Short Answer Type:-

Question 1) List any three health problems in India.
Health problems in India:
1. Food- and water-borne illnesses: A number of illnesses are brought on by contaminated food and water. Water-borne illnesses are brought either by polluted hand pumps or by mixing river water with raw sewage.
2. Airborne and insect-borne infections: Poor hygiene encourages the growth of mosquitoes and houseflies, which are known to spread a number of diseases.
3. Lack of medical facilities: A lack of medical services, particularly in rural regions, results in preventable deaths and health problems. Superstitious thoughts and a lack of understanding can both prevent patients from receiving early care, which can have significant implications.

Question 2) Write the short note on: Functions of WHO

The functions of WHO are:-
(a) It encourages medical training and education in all nations.
(b) It gathers data and disseminates information on global health, epidemics, and endemic illnesses.
(c) It promotes worldwide pharmaceutical product research and development.
(b) It recommends quarantine methods to stop epidemics like the cholera and plague, among others.
(e) The WHO also funds global health research initiatives including the elimination of smallpox, malaria, and other diseases.

Question 3) State the main functions of Red Cross.

The following list of Red Cross duties:
1. To provide relief and assistance to anyone affected by any disaster, including floods, fires, famines, and earthquakes
2. To get and provide blood for in need calamity and war victims.
3. To provide the best first assistance possible in an accident
4. To make arrangements for emergency ambulance services.

Question 4) State the main functions of World Health Organisation.
The duties of the World Health Organization (WHO) are listed below:
1. To support and promote initiatives for disease research
2. To compile and disseminate data about the prevalence of epidemic illnesses including cholera, plague, and yellow fever.
3. Establishing pharmaceutical standards to assure the purity and dosage of vital medications.
4. To plan programs to combat endemic (local) and epidemic (widespread) illnesses.

Question 5) Distinguish between sewage and effluents.
Sewage:- Sewage is the word for domestic wastewater.
Effluents:- Effluent is the term used to describe wastewater released from wastewater treatment facilities.

Q) Long Answer Type:-

Question 1) Describe the reasons for the formation of WHO.
The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded for the following reasons:
1.) The WHO is a specialized organization of the United Nations (UN) that deals with global public health.
2.) It was founded on April 7, 1948, and is a part of the United Nations Development Group. Its offices are in Geneva, Switzerland.
3.) UNO member nations concentrated on the need to establish a global organization to address the health issues affecting people across the world.
4.) This need was felt most acutely in the area of disease-cause and -cure research.
5.) Coordinated efforts in this regard were expected to produce quicker and better outcomes. Developing and underdeveloped nations were to gain swiftly.

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