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Lord Of The Flies (Summary)

‘Lord Of The Flies’ is written by William Golding. The story is about a group of school boys on a desert island.

Summary of Lord Of The Flies

It starts with two young boys- Ralph and Piggy. Moreover, on that desert island, a group of boys have been stranded. Jack and Simon are the other two main characters here.

Ralph believes that they will be rescued soon. But Piggy believes that they will be stuck here for sometime. So he wanted to make an organisation. The boys choose Ralph as the leader of their group.

Ralph being the leader is not accepted by everyone. Jack along with some other boys do not like Ralph as the leader.

Organization has been formed strictly by Ralph. He wants freedom to be enjoyed by all. He believes that for surviving, everyone should work together. To attract rescuers, he wants to have smoke signals.

The popular leaders on the island are – Ralph, Jack and Simon along with their complex partnership.

The boys always sleep and play around rather than doing any work. They refrain because no adults are there to pressure them on that island.

Jack along with a group of boys go hunting once. The signal fire is out of maintenance and it goes out as the result. A boat passes by the island but does not see the boys as the fire is out.

After hunting a pig, Jack and the boys return. Jack gets a complaint from Ralph about the signal fire. As a result, Jack becomes very angry at Piggy and beats him. Jack cannot beat Ralph on a fight so he beats Piggy.

The monster is real and has been believed by the boys. Afterwards Ralph arranges a meeting for the boys. The boys refuse when Jack tries to remove Ralph from the power. Jack becomes very angry and decides to form a tribe of his own.

Jack forms a tribe. Many more boys begin to join that one because they are given roast pigs to eat by Jack and his hunters. Moreover, Jack’s group started to behave in a primitive manner by painting their faces. On the other hand, Ralph’s group was full of order, rules and discipline.

Simon is having mental attacks sometimes. He once sees a ritual with a pig’s head has been performed by Jack’s tribe. Flies swarmed this head. This has been referred as the Lord of the Flies by Simon.

Things become ugly after that. Simon gets to know the prove about the monster being unreal. Jack’s tribe attack and kill Simon when he informs them. They thought Simon to be the monster.

Jack’s group has been confronted by Ralph’s small group. After that, a fight happens between Ralph and Jack. Ralph runs away in the middle of confusion.

In order to catch Ralph, Jack decides to set fire on the trees. A British Naval officer finds Ralph after he panicks a lot. The ship of that British naval officer rescues all the other boys in the island.

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