Where The Mind Is Without Fear Chapter Summary Class 8 English

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Where The Mind Is Without Fear (Summary)

The poem ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’ is written by Rabindranath Tagore. It is one of his most discussed among all his poems. It was originally composed under the title ‘Prarthana’ in Bengali which means prayer. India was under British rule when the poem was written. Indians were eagerly waiting for their own independence. Tagore has written the poem in the form of a prayer to God for the freedom of India.

Summary of Where The Mind Is Without Fear

In the first line we see that the poet prays to God to free his countrymen from forced compulsion or any fear of oppression. He wants his countrymen to hold their heads in dignity. Everyone should have their dignity and be fearless.

It is a dream of the poet to have a nation where knowledge is free. Everyone should be allowed to take knowledge and should not be restricted. Children should not be forced to learn predetermined lessons but should learn from nature.

The poet wants unity in the whole world not only in his countrymen in the line 3-4th. There should be no discrimination among people on the basis of caste, creed, religion, race or other invalid superstitions. People should not be divided into groups and break the unity just for the sake of silly superstitions and prejudices.

In the line fifth, the poet wants a nation where people are true and honest. They should not be false hearted and superficial but should be true to their words by heart.

To reach the goals and desires, everyone should work hard and to reach perfection in the long run. People should not ignore their work and be lazy. They should not be tired of working.

Here, the poet compares logical thinking or ‘reason’ with a ‘clear stream’. Then he compares superstitions and silly believes that is ‘dead habits’ with a ‘dreary desert’. Into the desert of prejudices, the poet does not want the stream of reason to lose its way. To summarize the whole point, the poet wants that people should think rationally and logically. Their thinking should not be ruled by superstitions or prejudices or baseless, silly believes.

The poet wants his fellow brothers to be broad minded and progressive in the 9-10th line of the poem. He wants their minds should be controlled by Almighty so that they can lean forward to ever widening thought and action. We should overcome the narrowness of mind and should be open minded for doing something extraordinary or unusual.

The poet addresses God as ‘Father’ in the last line. He wants God to awake his country in a heaven of freedom. He wants his country to be raised in such a height that freedom can be realized at its peak. Moreover, in a deeper meaning the poet is praying to God for betterment of his countrymen. He want his countrymen to awake from darkness. He wants them to come out of the ignorance, disunity and all other evil superstitions and prejudices that always holds them back.

Where The Mind Is Without Fear Chapter Summary Class 8 English