History and Civics Chapter Wise Summary ICSE Class 10

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Students should read ICSE History Class 10 chapter-wise summaries along with examination questions and solutions provided here. These chapter notes have been designed to help students to revise all important topics given in your ICSE history Class 10 Book. You can click on the chapter-wise link below to read the important notes which can be very useful if you use them prior to your exams to revise the entire course

ICSE Class 10 History and Civics Chapter Summaries

Please refer to chapter wise summary provided below for all chapters in your ICSE Class 10 History and Civics books. These summaries of the chapters will help you to understand the concepts given in each chapter so that you are able to answer the questions easily in standard 10th ICSE History and Civics exams. These are easy-to-understand summaries in History and Civics for all chapters.

Chapterwise Summary for ICSE Class 10 History and Civics

History Chapter Wise Summary ICSE Class 10
Chapter 1 The First War of Independence 1857-1917
Chapter 2 Growth of Nationalism
Chapter 3 First Phase of The Indian National Movement 1915-1947
Chapter 4 Second Phase of The Indian National Movement 1905-1916
Chapter 5 Muslim League
Chapter 6 Mahatma Gandhi and The National Movement
Chapter 7 Quit India Movement
Chapter 8 Forward Bloc and INA
Chapter 9 Independence and Partition of India
Chapter 10 The First World War
Chapter 11 Rise of Dictatorships
Chapter 12 The Second World War
Chapter 13 United Nation
Chapter 14 Non-aligned Movement

Civics Chapter Wise Summary ICSE Class 10
Chapter 1 The Union Legislature – The Union Parliament
Chapter 2 The Union Executive – The President and The Vice-President
Chapter 3 Prime Minister and Council of Minister
Chapter 4 The Judiciary – The Supreme Court
Chapter 5 The High Court and Subordinate Courts
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ICSE students can refer to the notes provided above for history class 10 which can be very useful for revising all the chapters and their important topics. The revision notes have been designed for history in standard 10 ICSE in a way that will help the students to revise the entire course immediately. Along with the revision notes we have also provided questions and their solutions which are expected in the upcoming ICSE examination.

You can refer to the history notes provided above and then try and solve the questions by yourself to check whether you have been able to understand the chapter properly. You can take printouts of these notes as they are available in PDF format. You can use these notes on the day of the examination so that you can revise the entire course and get a good score in the ICSE exams.

It is always recommended by teachers that students should go through the revision notes as many times as possible so that they can understand and learn all the topics and concepts properly. We have made sure that the history notes for standard 10 ICSE provided here are on the basis of the latest ICSE Board books that have been published for the current academic year. in case you still have any doubts you can send us your questions in the comments box below. Our ICSE History teachers will immediately provide you with answers to your comments.

How can I get chapter summaries and notes for ICSE History Class 10?

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I need revision notes for ICSE Standard 10 History, how to get them?

We have provided easy-to-learn and revise chapter-wise revision notes for entire ICSE Class 10 History books on our website. You can get all notes for free.

I want to download the latest book for ICSE History Class 10 in pdf, how can I get it?

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